My name is Karina Quiñonez…. “Kaqui” for the amigos 🙂

What do I do?

I help organizations to make a difference through Marketing.

In addition, I’m a student, a wife, a mom and a part-time-housewife.


What do I pursue?

Over the years, I have learned that knowledge is power only when you SHARE it. And that is the reason of my two goals:

  • To SHARE what I have learned, done and experienced… and
  • To LEARN from you

My intention is to (regularly) SHARE with you a topic, a question, an experience and to LEARN from you via your comments, opinions, and questions on every post.

THANK YOU in advance for your help and let’s LEARN together by SHARING our knowledge with each other!

“Creating a better world begins by creating better individuals”…


Where do I come from?

I was born in El Salvador… a small country in Central America. Since 2005 I live in Belgium, a small country in Europe.



I LOVE: dancing, singing, walk in nature and interact in multicultural environments.

Looking forward to read from you…



Any thought or a special request for a blog post?