Boy, what a year!

12 months ago, I was preparing myself for a special year… The year of my 40th Birthday! I expected a year full of celebrations but instead I got a year full of LEARNING:

I discovered things I didn’t know I could do, I took important decisions for my personal life, I invested on my future, I confronted myself with my biggest fears and I could reset some of my beliefs.

There is a lot to share, however I have chosen my 10 favorite lessons of this year:

(The order is not related to their relevance)

1- Life is made by moments. I would rather CREATE my moments than WAIT for them.

I dedicated myself to buy more experiences than things… From friends’ reunions, personal trainings and family trips, I could enjoy more with the people around me and the experiences together than with a new pair of shoes in my closet.


2- FEEL the fear… and DO IT anyway!

I discovered that my fears will not disappear and that “No Fear” is just a brand.

The idea is not to AVOID the fears but to learn how to HANDLE them while doing it… is a new skill for me to develop.

Details?… Check it out here


3- Whatever is in your reality is YOUR responsibility.

Financial problems? Conflicts in my job? Issues in my relationship?…It’s up to ME to change it or make it better!

EVERYTHING in my present is the result of the decisions and actions I took in the past.


4- Failure is TEMPORARY.

I learned to measure my mistakes in terms of knowledge. From the moment I recognize what I’ve learned, the “taste of failure” is GONE… and then, I know it’s time to MOVE ON.


5- Ever tried. Ever failed? No matter… Try again. Fail again. Fail BETTER!

Related to the previous one…

When is time to move on, the idea is to do it again… but this time: do it BETTER!


6- Don’t make assumptions… ASK!

Based on my experiences @work, but also applies to my personal life. I practice with my husband almost every day 🙂

Details?… Check it out here


7- There is ALWAYS a way if you are committed.

I have looked behind at my biggest challenges this year and the things that at first sight looked impossible are now an extra line in my CV.

If you want something so BADLY, you’ll get it!


8- A dream without a GOAL (and a plan) is just that… “a dream”

Nothing that is not in my agenda will ever happen. For the things I REALLY want, I stopped saying “one of my dreams is…”

When the dream becomes a GOAL, your eyes do not longer point up but FORWARD when you think of it.


9- Choose your battles.

I don’t want to spend so much ENERGY AND TIME on things that do not contribute to my goals or personal development.

Not anymore!


10- Share with others. Learn from others.

The whole philosophy of this blog and one of my purposes since the last months.


And you?

What have you learned in 2015? Share it with us in the Feedback field below.


Happy holidays to everybody!


Y hasta el 2016…