What happens in Vegas… Stays in Vegas. Really?

Do NOT underestimate the actions and decisions you take during your loco-trips.

Let me tell you a story…

Chapter 1: The Trip

January 2004, three girlfriends decide to make a short trip and celebrate the New Year in “Pana”. Panajachel is a small and touristic village besides the “Lago Atitlán”, in Guatemala. After three days enjoying the sunsets @the Lake, it was the moment to say goodbye to the trip and start the party!


Lago Atitlán

Chapter 2: The Question

Home-made pizza, wine and live-music was only the beginning. “Vamos a bailar!” (Let’s go to dance!) I said. “El Chapiteau” was the place to be in the village and with no doubt that should be our next stop.

After some hours of dancing, I could not stop looking to the guy in the table behind. He was alone. I was thirsty and without money, I asked to my friend to buy me a bottle of water. She noticed my interest in that guy and with all the teasing intention she answered: “If you go to THAT guy and ask him to dance salsa, I give you water!”… What do you think I said? “Huh! Piece of cake!”… I don’t know what was my biggest motivation: Talk to him or a Bit of water 😛

I came to the guy and asked him, in English (he was certainly a tourist): “Do you want to dance with me?”… “Sí” he replied, in Spanish. I don’t remember which was the song or for how long we danced, but the rhythm changed and we had to stop. I walked him to his table and, while I was preparing myself to say goodbye, I saw my two friends waiting for me in HIS table (very clever chicas! 😉 ).

We talked for a while and we ended interchanging our emails. For him, that was the beginning of a long trip along Guatemala and Mexico, and for me it was the end of my trip.

Chapter 3: “El Bajón”  

In Spanish, we call “El Bajón” to the last snack -or meal- before you go to bed, after a night of drinking alcohol. For my friends and me, it was the moment to look for food. We said goodbye to the guy and left the Bar. After 5 mins walking, I could only think about the guy in “El Chapiteau”. My friends asked me: “Why didn’t you ask the guy to come with us?” and as an innocent child I said “May I? Really!?”… I think I didn’t wait for their reply and I just ran back to the bar. He was still there. I asked him to come and he said yes.

There we were, eating fries, talking and laughing. It was time to finally say goodbye. And we did. No sex… No (even) kiss… (No kidding!)… Just a picture and his email address.


And there is my friend, she still owes me a bottle of water!

Chapter 4: The Reunion

Monday morning and back to work. The first I did was to write an email to that guy, send him the pic and wish him a nice trip. I did not expect a response, he should come back home after one month.

I’m back from my lunch pause and at the top of my Inbox is an email from a guy with a foreign name. It was him. From that day on, “You’ve got an email” story was our story.

After some months keeping in contact, we decided to meet again. I never told my friends about the emails with that guy, but due to my new trip coming I told them the news. I remember that night, it was the longest Ladies-Night ever 🙂

Summer 2004, we see each other again @the airport… in Cuba!

Foto3 143

@El Malecón, La Habana, Cuba

Chapter 5: Yes I do!

Long story short: September 2005, I’m flying to Brussels to meet him again. This time to live together.

After 10 years, I have a lovely family and till now, I’m still surprised how a simple action could change my life.


You never know when you’re going to meet an influential person who has the ability to change or improve your life.


“Journeys end in lovers meeting”. William Shakespeare.


Dedicated to any person that might have such experience @another “Chapiteau”.

And if you also had that experience, shoot and give me some thoughts! I know I’m not the only one 🙂


Hasta la próxima,