Some weeks ago, my daughter was sick and she could not go to school. I had to stay with her at home. Since she had fever, I asked her to lay in the sofa, but first, get some comfortable clothes…

She started to cry immediately and repeated more than once… no clothes! no clothes!


I understood she was sick, but my patience was almost done!… after a couple of minutes without results I asked her: “Ok, give me ONE reason why you don’t want clothes”. She pointed out the sweatpants I had in my hand and said with all determination: “Because THAT is not pretty!”


What do you think?

As a mom… I wanted to dress her immediately!

But as a woman… I understood!

Sometimes, I forget that I’m not only raising up another human being… but also a woman!… and every woman has her own taste! 😉

Sorry Chiquis… Sweatpants never again!

Hasta la próxima,