Along the years, I have made so many mistakes when sending emails that I cannot mention all the reasons. However, here are some of them:

  • I did not read well
  • I misunderstood the message
  • I answered being “lost in translation”
  • I answered based on my own assumptions

But the worst:

  • I answered being angry

20 years ago, one of my colleagues saw me typing an email’s answer (he was also in cc). I could feel my skin becoming green while I was typing, and the faster I typed the more inspiration I had.


Looks familiar? Just add the computer :p

When I was ready to send it, he told me: “Karina don’t send it! Wait after lunch to read it again and then click on Send”. What do you think? I sent the email after lunch but with a different text.

When I read that email half an hour later, I could not believe what I wrote “what a freak and uncontrolled b@tch!” I thought.

Remember, there are two things with emails:

  1. They are a WRITTEN proof
  2. They can be forwarded to ANYBODY

Next time you receive one of “those emails”: calm down, take a breath and THINK… ask yourself WHY… Why does that person ask/state/complain/communicate that?

I did the exercise some months ago. I received an angry email from a customer, and after thinking without success I decided to send a friendly response explaining all the case again and asking -also friendly- which was his specific question. 10 mins later he replied with a Sorry. He overlooked one of the emails.

Next time, (try to) think from the other’s perspective, from the other’s point of view.

Think before send…

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk”, Joseph Joubert.

PS: Share this with anyone attempting to click on “Send” without thinking first!

Enjoy the walking 🙂