Where do you focus your energy and attention?

  • On negative feedback?
  • On the things that did not work?
  • On the people that will not accept your work?

If at least one of the above is “Yes”, don’t be surprised if you have not accomplished some of your life projects or have that “feeling” of not moving anywhere.

I write this, based on experience. Some months ago, my answer to all these questions was “Yes”.

Negative feedback

First of all, take the feedback from where it comes from. Listen to it and evaluate it. Is up to you to choose what is useful and what isn’t. Don’t take it personally, the feedback is about something you have done, not about who you are. At the end, you always learn.

Things that did not work

Fear of failure: a classic showstopper. The thing with failure is the meaning we give it. Every failure is another way of not to do it, it’s a lesson learned, which invites us to try again, but next time: better!

People that will not accept my work

Fear of rejection: one of the mental barriers I had to overcome to make this Blog a reality. The writing itself is a skill, something I enjoy practicing, but the fact of publishing and asking you to read it is the real challenge. What will they think? Will they like it? Should I recommend this?…

I came to the conclusion that I don’t write for everybody. If you are the only one reading, then I wrote this for you 🙂


Don’t let the fear stops you to do.

In theory, to jump from 1,000mts shouldn’t be a problem for me anymore, Check it out!

“Wherever your focus goes, your energy flows”, Tony Robbins


PS: Share this with anyone attempting not to do.


Hasta la próxima,