Rule #4 ATTENTION: we don’t pay attention to boring things”, Dr. Medina on his book Brain Rules.

This week, I had the challenge of giving a training, twice, to the same group.
What could I expect? Empty bodies looking at my power point, and brains floating in another dimension?

Homer and Donut

No way! I prepared myself…

First: I changed the presentation. Having the same content, I modified the structure. I emphasized “The Big picture” and then found a way to get to the details. As result, I had more slides than before. Oh oh…

Second: I rehearsed off-line. Being online is being available for interruptions. I closed my laptop and went through the main topics. Introducing myself always takes longer than the rest 🙂

I was a bit nervous but my preparation payed off! In comparison to the first time, this session was shorter, the team was engaged and asked more questions.


I tried to see the presentation from their point of view. What for me is obvious, for them is new, unknown, or even boring…


Thank you for your attention!