The challenge is clear: there is a problem that needs to be solved.

I work in IT and troubleshooting is one of our must-to-do activities, even though is not officially included in the job description.

Along the years, I’ve found three common elements on every challenge:


One of the situations that obliges us to think and produce ideas. From the common to the strange, from the normal to the craziest. Every possibility counts. Every attempt is worth to try.


We start the field investigation: colleagues, users, “Google”. Anyone can Help. Every symptom or change in the process is important. Any additional information might complete the puzzle to find the solution.


We don’t know how long the path will be, and time is not our best resource. The ability to wait develops by itself.


We become artists, doctors and detectives: all-in-one, just by troubleshooting. We should include it in our curriculums, don’t you think? 😉


Can someone teach us how to make Art? No, because Art is something personal. Thus, enjoy your master piece and be prepared, because you’ll dance with failure A LOT!

It’s up to you to take the lead or just follow 🙂


PS: Share this with all those unrecognized artists.


Hasta la próxima,