She’s just 4 years-old and she has started with the “let me do it, I’m a big girl!
I might confess that I’ve been waiting for this moment: get dressed, brush her teeth, get a shower… all without my help! It’s like getting extra-time out of the blue…

But now I’m asking myself: “Is she prepared?”, “Did I teach her “the basics” to start living by herself?

Some days ago, I was preparing myself to go out. She was in the living watching TV and waiting for the babysitter. I heard some noises but didn’t pay attention, when I came up, she was sitting in the sofa: with a glass of milk and a plate with chips.
Camila: “You look beautiful mama!
Me: “How come that you have a drink and chips?
Camila: “I did it…” (and she explained how she reached everything from the top of the pantry and served everything without damage).
Me: “And why didn’t you ask?
Camila: “You were busy and I could do it, I’m a big girl

I have been waiting for this moment and it’s so ironic that (maybe) I’m the one who is not prepared 🙂 

Voor mijn groote meisje!