Before getting pregnant, you need to find a Daycare!” One of my friends told me in 2010.

May 2011. I have 3 months of pregnancy and I start looking for a Daycare. I couldn’t find an available place before September 2012 (!!!). My friend had not been kidding.

One day, I was walking in my neighborhood when I saw the following announcement “Daycare coming soon… for place reservation call to…” I could not believe it! We attended to the opening day to get more information and to reserve a place. When we were ready to make the reservation, the following questions came up:

  • This is a new Daycare, should we trust them with our baby?
  • Do they have experience?
  • Should we go for it without any reference?

Well, it’s in the neighborhood and there is a place available. Let’s try and see how it goes.

May 2012, Camila starts @Tinkerbell. She was 6 months old.

Friends, good atmosphere and parties were the first months of my daughter’s life. She definitely felt at home and we could not have been happier.

Tinkerbell gave us more than we expected:

  • A happy baby
  • A creative toddler
  • A best friend



I also found a friend: Ariadni’s mom Julia.


Congratulations Tinkerbell!… Thank you and continue to make a difference in children’s & parents’ lives!


PS: share this with anyone who is looking for “The place 2be” for her baby in Antwerp.