Some days ago, I expressed: I Need a Break!

Well, last week the universe conspired to help me: Camila was with a friend from the school and Walter was in charge to pick her up. I was free from 8h to 18h to do whatever I wanted!

I did not make any agenda, as I normally do (freak, I know!). I just did whatever I felt in the moment. However, I stated two conditions:
1) To be offline (no chat, no emails)
2) No appointments (with friends or anyone else)

– I started by jogging at the park and listen to my book. I stopped when I felt tired…

– I took a shower, it was almost a spa! In the last years, this takes me 20 mins max, dress and make-up included!
– I went to the city, to walk and see what’s new in the shops. Fashion is not my thing, but watching and getting some inspiration never hurts 🙂

– I took my lunch, I was almost one hour in the restaurant. This takes me 15 mins in a normal day.

– I could not avoid it… I did some shopping! Nothing special, just basic things. But it was so nice to choose the color, style and size with no rush… I took my time!

I came back home when I felt it was enough. Since I was alone, I finished my break with a warm douche and meditation. It could not be better!

There were only 10 hours, but I was alone and I had time… Two things I barely have (together) in the last 5 years.

I finished my day physically tired, but emotionally charged. I got new ideas for my personal -and professional- life. I was ready to continue…


Now, why do I not have more breaks??? simple… Because I don’t ask for it!
Lesson learned: If I need a break, I will do the necessary to have it!

Once again: if in my job I’m able to look for resources to make my projects succeed, why should I not do the same for me?

Isn’t ironic, don’t you think? Alanis Morissette.

Any thoughts or tips for a working-mom to find more breaks?


Thank you in advance 🙂