I’m a big fan of football and since I live in Belgium I’m a full-supporter of the Red Devils!… Sí: soy una Diabla Roja! 🙂

Frustration, tears and sad faces have populated the cover pages after the defeat against Wales. And let’s not underestimate the income decrease in the HORECA sector…


People criticize the coach, the organization, the players… and no… they don’t need another coach, they need a different mindset!

How is it possible to change from the initial good performance and play as the loser-team just because you are not in advantage anymore?

They lost their self confidence from the 1-1.

The attitude of giving your 100% till the end of the match (winning or losing) is what the team needs.

Germany, on the other hand, was in the same situation one day after against Italy,  but their persistance and quality performance till the end of the match, made a difference. They gave everything till the last penalty!

Lack of talent?… Excuse me, but I don’t know when was the last time that Belgium had such (and several) good players in the same generation.

It’s time for a new mindset…

In my country we say: “El partido termina cuando el árbitro pita, mientras tanto a darlo todo en la cancha!

As mother, I’ll give my contribution to the new (Belgian) generations… I have started by playing in the field with my little (red) devil 🙂


Enjoy the football and let the best team win!


Oleee Oleee Oleee Oleee… Oleeeee Oleeeee!