Today I turn 41 years old. I’m officially a forty plus.

I remember the first time someone called me “señora”, I was in my late 20’s and I was not amused. “Señora!?… I’m not that old!?” I thought.

Now is different, first of all: I am that old and second, I relate the concept not only to aging but also to maturity. The perspective of life, the way to tackle the problems and the approach to new situations are not the same than 20 years ago.

Personally, I feel the change in two aspects:


20 years ago, I had all the time to do a lot of things… Even time to waste!… It didn’t matter, I could catch up later.

Relatives and friends with cancer, tumors, hard diseases and those that have passed away, made me realize that life is too short and there is not so much time (as I used to think) to do important things and make a difference.


As mother, energy is the most important resource I have to enjoy/survive/live with my 4 years old.

As former “party girl”, energy is a treasure. Every unit I have reserved is exclusive for important events. Having party everyday is now just a (sweet) memory 🙂


In general, I choose my battles. I have no time and energy to waste.

This is the second half of my life and I want to live it giving my contribution to this world.


HBD to me and Thank God for all these years!

And no problem, you can call me “Señora” 🙂