I saw this cartoon long time ago… And I’ve felt as Mafalda in the last two weeks.

People shooting/killing others for no -or stupid- reasons. Innocents dying just because.

On the other hand, jong people hypnotized with their smartphones due to a Pokémon game.

Isn’t that stupid!?

There’s nothing else in the media than “horror films” (=news) or wasting-time games!


One year ago I decided to stop watching the news. The positive thinking and energy increased since then. My best performance and creativity period ever!

During my holidays, I watched the news as it was the only English-speaking option on TV… Crazy! It was like “Halloween” everyday!

Negativity brings negativity… I could not stop asking myself “That’s the world I’m leaving to my daughter? Will she survive such a hell?

But when I saw French -and German- speaking children playing and sharing food with my daughter without understanding each other… I felt there’s a hope!


I believe the good and creative people are more… Let’s contribute to make this world a better place!

Porque los Buenos somos más!


PS: I’m not asking you to stop watching the news, just try and give a break to your brain and heart!… and let me know the results 🙂


Hasta la próxima,