Camila (my daughter) is one of those kids who LOVE to read a book before to go to sleep.
Every book brings a new topic and more vocabulary. A different world is open every night and, with Camila, new questions and discussions pop up during the story: “Papa, Why is that? What do you mean? Show me the picture? Who’s that? Why in that color? Why did he say that?, etc, etc” Papa stays busy in the “Arguments Room” 🙂

But regardless that part, it’s interesting to see how she applies some characters to her life. One of her favorite books is “Groote Anna” (=Big Anna). Anna is a girl that plays “the teacher” for her teddy bears.


Camila loves it, and could not wait to turn our living into her classroom.
Look, the empty chair is for me 🙂


She teaches us letters & numbers and she gives us a treat if we pay attention. Ah! and she doesn’t like interruptions… How ironic!
As result of this teaching process, she has learned how to write her first word: “AAP” (=monkey).


“Acting” is another way to learn via books. We have done it by reading a short story and then playing the characters. You can see how much they remember and how they interpret the story. It’s fun! Except when Camila wants to play ONLY the principal role 🙂

Do not underestimate the long-term impact of literacy. Our children deserve the opportunity to learn and explore new worlds via the reading.

PS: If you have more tips for “Kids & Books” ways to learn and having fun, shoot in the field below and thank you in advance!


Hasta la próxima,