As Seth Godin says, there are two things we should teach to our children:
– To be a leader
– To solve problems

This summer, I had the opportunity to check my daughter’s “leader within”.

We were in the Austrian Alps and the first day we went for a walk in the mountains. We were at 1,200 mts of altitude and our trip included 5 kms and climbing a steep 300 mts. I doubted she could make it.

From the first moment I said: “Camila give me your hand… Be careful!”

No, I can do it mama


Since that strategy didn’t work, I said:

I know, but I’m afraid I will fall

Oh! Ok, give me your hand, I’ll help you“, she said.

From that moment, she took the lead of the group and took care of me.

Are you ok mama?“, “Come on everybody, let’s continue!“, “Be careful with that stone, take this way“, “Now is ok, you don’t need my hand anymore, here’s safe“…
(Almost) One hour later… We made it. What a beautiful place!
The same story in our way back. She was more proud for being helpful than of being able to do it alone.

Give your child the opportunity to lead you and ask her (from time to time) why/how/when of a certain decision. You’ll be surprised and pleased of what she is capable of.

The Leaders of tomorrow are at home, not in the news 🙂

PS: let’s spread the word, the world is waiting for Good Leaders!

Hasta la proxima,