I’m new in the Apple technology and since the arrival of some devices at home, the new revolution in the family is Siri, the virtual assistance application included in the iPhone.

Camila saw us using it and the immediate storm of questions just started… Hey, what did you expect!? 😉

Challenge 1: to explain who is Siri

Camila: Papa, who is Siri? Is she in the telephone!?

Papa: Yes. She’s a robot, like WALL-E.

Camila: Ahhh, and does she answer everything?

Papa: Depends on what you ask.

Camila: That is not fair! I also want a telephone to talk to!


Challenge 2: Siri speaks different languages

My husband’s phone is in Dutch, he receives answers from a young lady.

My phone is in English, a young man with a gentle English accent is ready to answer.

Camila: Mama, why is your Siri a “chico”? He doesn’t understand me, change it!

Mama: Nop, because I want that “chico”.  If you want to ask him something, learn how to do it in English.

After several tries of asking: “show me a picture of Finding Dory”… she finally made it! My Siri presented some examples. But the problem comes up when she wants to ask more things…

Camila: Papa, can I use your Siri? The one of mama doesn’t speak clearly!


Challenge 3: Siri cannot answer ALL your questions

This is in-progress… Whether grandma has ice cream, or Ariadni is at home, or Izaak is in the playground… it’s still inconceivable why Siri doesn’t know!


Everyday’s challenge: to use Siri without having Camila next to you waiting for her turn!

May I ask something to Siri!? may I!? may I!?


Should I expect an exotic gift request for her birthday!?… I’m curious 🙂