To travel for work or fun is fascination… It opens my mind and makes me more flexible to others’ behaviors and opinions.

Moving abroad is work to be done… (apart from becoming a mother) nothing has challenged me more than starting my life in a new country.

In 2005, I moved to Belgium and I had no idea of all the work I had to do. Failures on: finding a job, learning the language, making friends, understanding the people, getting used to the weather… were not in my list when I started.

Failure is just a consequence when you’re doing something new“, Ed Catmull.

After all these years, I’m meeting new people, starting new projects, getting in touch with new languages and, in a way, is like starting again. But I realize that I’m still a life’s student and I’m a project still “In progress”.


Do you want to challenge yourself? Just move abroad and start again

I recommend it to anyone, specially to young people.

Here’s some preparation

Here are some lessons learned