Gratitude is one of the values a feel it has been forgotten along the new generations.

As mom, I do not understand why children do not learn to say “Thank you” or “Please” @home (!!!)… I don’t get it!… but ok, that is another post 🙂

I’ve been working on a project with a particular customer, they are known as “The Best Employer in Belgium”, and in addition to the (friendly) work environment and the (nice) facilities within the building, there is something that keeps my attention: their gratitude.

Yesterday when I left, having finished my mission for the project, I said good bye to the team, they replied: bye Karina and Thank you for your help!

And that was not the first time they have said to me. It’s obvious is not a random phrase, it’s in their culture… Remember, they are “The Best Employer in Belgium”. Should this be related? Hmm, interesting…


Why don’t we cultivate the habit of saying thank you PLUS giving the reason of our gratitude?

Thank you for your help

Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your assistance


Gratitude is not a myth… I’m sure is there, but we have to practice.

Thank you for reading, 🙂