I appreciate when my friends recommend me a good doctor, a good restaurant or a nice shop. But very rarely, I receive book recommendations and I think is because books are like wine, depending on the food and your taste there is a specific wine to combine with. A good wine is not good for everybody.
Anyway, I’d like to share with you some of the books that have made a difference in my life.

Based on your needs and interests, you might have the next book in your list 🙂

Never Eat Alone. I came to this book via Ramit Sethi, he recommended it as a Must Read.
This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and it applies to your professional and personal life. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you will never get there ALONE.
Make your plan, establish your goals at short -and medium- term, identify the people you’ll need on the way and build your network in advance. Contact people, help them as much as you can and keep the relationship before YOU need something from them.
This book is more than Networking, is about making connections for the long term.

Creativity Inc. I came to this book by accident. I was looking for a gift for a creative person and this book was on the top of my search. I read its overview and I thought, this is for managers, I pass. But I confess, it stayed on my mind.
Some months later, I listened to an interview with Ed Catmull, and I was fascinated about his story and how/why Pixar’s films are what they are. I got the book and I can say that this is the Best Business book I have read. Ok, I have not read a lot… anyway…
How to create and maintain a creative working environment in order to deliver (consistently) quality product. Amazing!
As a big fan of Pixar films, I enjoyed to learn about the process behind of: Toy story 1,2,3, Finding Nemo, Mosters Inc., Cars, UP, etc, etc…
The role and involvement of Steve Jobs, the relationship with Disney, their project management approach, their project Teams and meetings… wow, so much to learn and apply to your job!
If you are a manager or have people reporting to you: this is a Must Read!

The Power of Vulnerability. I (also) came to Brené Brown via a podcast interview. She’s a researcher and her specialty is Shame. Weird I know, but I liked her point of view and I was curious about the book.
I enjoyed it! The way she explains the difference between shame and guilt, empathy and sympathy, the influence of judgement, and how we can kill the creativity in our kids, was clear and entertaining. In addition to the content, her speaking skills and her sense of humor worth it. She’s an excellent presenter! You can check some of her TED talks in YouTube.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You. I heard about this book from Kevin Kelly and Derek Sivers. I was in the middle of a professional crisis and I needed some inspiration. The book was interesting and, maybe, a bit controversial.
There is no “follow your passion” or “search your call”. Instead: If you want to receive value from your job, YOU have to deliver value first; take your career capital and develop it in a way that you become so good and they can’t ignore you.
This book helped me to identify the skills I can use to deliver more value in my job. I don’t worry about my colleagues being better on other skills, I focus on my skills and try to become better on them. I learn from others instead of competing against them. I help them to succeed without waiting for credits. So many insights to implement!
I improved my performance and the relationship with my colleagues.
If you are in that existencial moment, doubting about leaving your job and start looking for your passion, read this!

Linchpin. Seth Godin: my virtual mentor. There is no (audio) book from him that I have listened only once… I can listen it again, and again.
This book, in combination with the previous one, helped me to overcome my professional crisis.
Seth is that internal voice in your head that motivates you to deliver value in your life, as a professional, a parent or a friend.
His books don’t provide the classic “How-To” or “The 1-2-3 steps”, but his insights are enough to kick your ass and encourage you to lead, to educate and to challenge the status quo.
Some iniciatives in my job and some posts in this blog are inspired on this book.  He motivates me to deliver Art with pleasure.


This post became longer than I thought, but I wanted to share the benefits that these books have left in my personal and professional life. I hope you read at least one of them and receive even more than I did.

If you have read some of them, let me know your thoughts!


I have more books and experiences to share, so this is To Be Continued…


Read to do, not to learn.