Chiquis, this is a letter for you. I hope you can read it someday.

5 years ago, I started this life-project…

In november 2011, an early visit to the toilet brought me the news that my baby was coming! So many years waiting for this moment: the opportunity to become a Mother… to see your face and touch your hands…

The “No pain, No gain” was a reality for me that day. I could confirm all the “Urban Legends” that my mom and grandmothers used to say: “No hay nada como el dolor de parto!” (=nothing compares to the labor-pain). Totally true!

I remember when the doctor came to the room, he asked me: “and? Ready?”. “Totally!” I said, with a big smile. After some hours of pain, he came back and said: “I don’t see you laughing anymore!”… No answer, my face said everything!

Hours later and after medical intervention, you came to the world! One of the doctors told me: “Camila is her name, like the princess?”. “Yes, but beautiful!” I said 🙂

I had to wait some hours before to see you. Papito came and told me: “She’s so beautiful! She cries a lot, but she’s beautiful!

And finally we get together…


The first time a nurse asked me “Are you Camila’s mom?” I knew I had a new mission in my life…

5 years have passed and I’m glad to be Mama-Camila (as your friends call me).


(We) Parents tend to think that we are the educators and the grown-ups, but we don’t realize that we grow up together with our kids.


I hope God gives me the opportunity to be with you along your way. I want to see you even older than I am now. I want to have a drink with you and speak Spanish 🙂

This is just the beginning, there are more things we can learn together.


Te amo Chiquis.

Feliz Cumpleaños!