What are you willing to do for your children?…

For my daughter, I recently accepted 2 challenges:

– To read a book to her class, in Dutch.

– To organize her 5th birthday party with a LOT of kids.

It’s not the end of the world, you might think… but if you know me, you are aware that public speaking in Dutch, to organize events and to manage more than 2 kids, take me (totally) out of my comfort zone and stress me a lot!

First Challenge

I was nervous, I imagined myself making a mistake in the pronunciation, I pictured the kids feeling bored or confused with my story, but ok, I made an appointment and Camila was enthousiastic of having me in her class. So, I prepared myself: I chose the book, I read it aloud more than once and I asked a friend for advice…

On our way to the school, I said: “Chiquis, is almost time to read the book!“.

You are nervous because is in Dutch, right?“, she asked. I was surprised, I never told her how nervous I was and she not only noticed it, but she also knew the reason! “Don’t worry mama, inhale – exhale, and everything will be ok“. She added.

The teacher announced me and there we go…

15 mins of storytelling… pretending to be a dinosaur, a dog, a kid… I was full of energy and the applause of the kids at the end made me realize that the time was up!

Camila was super happy, and me… too!

Second Challenge

I couldn’t believe it, 75% of the invited kids: confirmed!

2 days before the party, Walter asked me “Have you thought about the organization of that day? there will be 22 kids!”. Well, I had prepared some details. Mi mom and some friends will be there for help. Yes, I was prepared, but not ready 🙂

D-DAY has come… The party was in a playground. The kids arrived on-time and they were full of energy to play. From my side, I had a program and some rules to explain, but when I saw them taking out their coats and shoes, I just thought: fuck the program! Go & plaaaay!… 🙂

3 hours flew… parents started to arrive and I could only see happy faces when saying good-bye.

The week after, their teacher asked me: “Hey, how was the party? everybody is talking about that!“…

Mission Accomplished!


What do you think… would I do it again?…


Getting out of your comfort zone for the sake of Love cannot be anything else than Win-Win… TRY IT!

Look at me, I’m even enjoying the podium 🙂


Hasta la próxima,