I’m of the idea to take initiative and give value at work, but working in a creative culture that supports you is also important.

Take a look to these ideas and assess the company you work for:

– “When looking to hire people, give their potential to grow more weight than their skill level. What they will be capable of tomorrow is more important than what they can do today“.
– “Do not discount ideas from unexpected sources. Inspiration can -and does- come from anywhere“.
– “Trust doesn’t mean that you trust that someone won’t screw up, it means that you trust even when they do screw up“.
– “Finding and fixing problems is everybody’s job“.
– “Give a good idea to a mediocre team and they will screw it up. Give a mediocre idea to a great team and they will either fix or come up with something better“.
– “Don’t confuse the process with the goal. Working on our processes to make them better, easier and more efficient is an indispensable activity and something we should continually do, but it is not the goal. Making the product great is the goal“.

Can you relate these statements to your working place?
Is your work a platform to create?
Do you have the opportunity to implement your ideas there?
If not, it’s time for a change…

Change your job when you don’t need it“, Seth Godin says. And what he means is, when you don’t financially need it.

Make your resolutions and think of your career, to enjoy what you do -and the people you interact with- should be also in that list 🙂

Btw, the ideas above come from the “lessons learned” of one of the most creative companies ever! PIXAR. Check the book “Creativity Inc.” if you are interested in more…


Enjoy your job!