One year ago, I promised myself not to try “the sweatpants” AGAIN with my daughter (I shared already the story in a Previous post), but during the Christmas holidays, having walking tours in the forest everyday, I had no other option than “the sweatpants” as possible outfit. I put them in the luggage as a “just in case” solution.

Our first walking tour. We have to dress up and the outfit for Camila is ready. She saw it and immediately said: “I will NOT use THAT! it’s ugly!“…  After some minutes of debate, grandma came up and also participated. It was not easy. Camila is one of the best negotiators I know, and she is only 5!… But we were getting to an agreement and I told her: “Come on Cami, it’s only for a walk, WHY can’t you wear them ONLY for that!?“… and she said: “WHY can’t I be beautiful WHILE I walk!???

I wanted to laugh. But she had a point. From her point of view.

Camila, it’s just a walk! In the forest! There are only cows, Por Dios! When the walking is done, put your dress and boots on, deal?“. “Okaaay“, she agreed. Not so convinced.

I learned two things:

  • Just TRY AGAIN. Maybe the first time was not the right time.
  • For a walk in the forest, to FEEL good is not enough for all women. You also have to LOOK good 😉


Hasta la próxima,