After years, I’m starting to have a better relationship with my fears.

Via Tim Ferriss, I recently learned that doing a “Fear setting” is more important than a “Goal setting”. I was not sure about the results, so I gave it a try.

I chose a specific situation in my life. I took a piece of paper and started to list my fears. Do you think it’s difficult? Not at all. I asked myself, in that specific context: “ok, what do you want to do?” When I started doubting, or including “Yes, but…” in my sentences, THAT was the moment to ask: “But what?…WHY don’t you do it?” And after a while I knew the answers.

I found more than one fear.

The “awareness” was a relief, but I went further. I took every fear in my list and asked myself: “If this happens, then what?“. I started to look for solutions. I was in a different stage at this point.

This is just a paper, I know! But it helped me to prepare myself.

In my particular situation, I decided to do what I wanted to, regardless my fears. The result was nothing close to I was afraid of.

So what was at the other side of the fear?… An opportunity.

Do not underestimate the power of your fears, they give you an idea of how much you love/ how much you care/ how important is what you want to do.

Now I see why life with “No fear” doesn’t make sense 🙂


Hasta la próxima,