My daughter is 5 years old and LOVES desserts. Any gift could be replaced by an ice cream or a piece of cake.

Every Saturday, we follow a particular routine as family: we walk around the city tasting desserts. My husband follows a special diet (no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol) and Saturday is his cheat day, thus we celebrate together that day 🙂

One of those days, Camila asked for a third dessert. We had walked around 7kms at that point, but still, we felt that it was enough. My husband told her “You can have it, but if you promise that during the week you will not eat any dessert! What do you think?“. He explained the terms of the deal and she said: “Ok, I promise!“. Oh boy! I could predict all the drama in the coming days.

Monday: No sweet snacks in her lunchbox. We replaced any sweet by nuts, mini-carrots or cucumbers. Day one and she made it with no problem. She was proud to say it aloud and I couldn’t believe it!

Tuesday: Same story.

Wednesday: It’s a short day at school and they received a box of chocolate Easter eggs as gift. She tried to convince me the whole way home to try “a bit”. I recalled her promise and she said: “Ok! I’ll ask papa then“. At home, she tried to negotiate with papa, but no deal. She had to wait till Saturday. I confess: I was astonished. She was conscious of her decision and made no drama at all!

Friday: We went to a cafe. She only drank water. It was her last day and she knew it. She asked several times when she could eat her Easter eggs. To make it more complicated, papa said: “We will eat breakfast, we will do a short walk, AND THEN you can have your dessert“.

Saturday: She followed the plan and had her dessert. She made it!


Sugar is one of the most destructive addictions for our mind and body, and kids are incredibily exposed to it, EVERYWHERE. It’s almost impossible to issolate them.

In this situation, the most gratifying for me was the fact that a 5 years old girl could keep her promise. She had the willpower until she succeeded. Something that we, as adults, don’t have sometimes.


I realised how easy can be to learn a life lesson or a core value with our kids. They don’t need long speeches, just an example.


Hasta la próxima,