The first time I read about the concept of the “shitty first draft”, was in the book Bird by Bird. She describes very well the objective of your first, second and third drafts.

Are you protective or perfectionist with your drafts?

I used to be protective with any piece I wrote: articles, documents or ideas. But since this year, I write for another websites and work together with some friends to run a non-profit organization. There are so many ideas jumping in my mind, that the fact of putting them on paper and coming up with “a draft” is inevitable!

In the past, I would be more cautious at the moment of writing something and just release it to others without several -and detailed- revisions. But now is a different story. When I write something, I make sure the message is clear & simple. For the rest, it’s just a draft. I release it. And I can immediately test 2 things:

1- Is my text aligned with others’ expectations?

and more important:

2- Does my text provoke new thoughts or new ideas from others?

Regardless the result on both tests, the next step in the process is: Improvement!

Therefore, don’t be protective or perfectionist with your draft. It’s only that: A-DRAFT.

It’s the preliminary version of a finished AND improved product. Therefore, shoot!


Hasta la próxima,