Have you been at TED? As audience I mean.

I have, some days ago. And it was one of the best experiences this year.

  • Speakers share their ideas or projects to make this world a better place
  • The audience is people looking for ideas and inspiration
  • The people around are entrepreneurs, performers, thinkers, artists
  • Volunteers are happy to be part of the event

My brain and spirit were fresh, positive and creative.

I attended to a workshop, conducted by one of the speakers. In groups of five, we had to propose a solution for one of the problems around the world (Food, Education, Transport). We had 40 minutes. At the end, every group should present their solution to the audience. I was the presenter of my group. We had 3 minutes to present. Weird, I was excited but out of my comfort zone at the same time. I like to speak in public, but with previous preparation. This time, I had to improvise the speech.

Maybe, it was not my best presentation. But who cares! I did it 🙂

And that reminds me a recent post of Seth Godin, where he says: “Once you’re doing it, you have a chance to do it better. Waiting for perfect means not starting.


I watch TED talks every day and I have learned a lot. I cannot wait to attend again!

And yes, I’d love to give a talk there… someday…