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As Functional Consultant, I have the opportunity to work with your peers everyday. I have learned a lot by discussing, (re-)explaining, and asking myself WHYYY!!??

Your contribution is key in the era of technology. You are the craftsman behind-the-scene without even know it. That’s the reason I have a couple of insights that might help you to be more effective in your daily mission:

Focus on WHAT IS, before to see HOW TO solve it

Do not start programming a solution if you don’t know certainly WHAT the problem is.

LISTEN. Get the big picture. Identify the cause of the problem.

Do not touch your code yet…



Remember, you’re an artist. Make your sketch first. Your design will be THE MAP to get to your goal.

Future changes or improvements will be easier to locate in your map, than reading your sheets of code 😛


I cannot take credit for the above. I took the insights from the book Principles of Ray Dalio (Fantastic book btw!). The ideas are provided for a more general (life and work) context. But when I read them, I could not stop thinking of my past experiences with my colleagues.

I hope these insights can help you to improve your performance.


And before to finish, the cherry on the top 😉
The art of debugging is figuring out what you really told your program to do, rather than what you thought you told it to do”, Andrew Singer


Success in your next piece of art!