Hello, this is long time ago…

Corona-period has awaken the force inside and the desire to write again 🙂


With the new home-working and home-schooling mindset, being on (video) calls is part of the day. I have no problem with that, even I like this new culture of independence and accountability of your work. BUT, what really stresses me are the long sessions or participation (of some people) during online meetings and workshops.


I have noticed that the attention span (*) during online sessions becomes shorter. And on top of that, attendees are with their computers (or mobiles) AND they can disable their videos and audio. When their attention span is over, they tend to check/write emails, chat, take selfies, check social media, dive in their minds, name it… The speaker cannot see them, therefore she cannot make an effort to grab their attention again!


Online speakers, please:

  • Deliver a message that is short and clear.
  • Use your voice: intonation, volume and tempo.
  • If possible: use your hands. They bring your story alive!

We, attendees, don’t want to fall asleep 😛


#StaySafe @Home



(*)Attention span:  is the amount of time spent concentrating on a task before becoming distracted. Distractibility occurs when attention is uncontrollably diverted to another activity or sensation.