From one day to the other, we had to change our way of working and schooling due to coronavirus,  and… NOBODY was prepared!


Our first days were challenging: to write and send an email could last 1 hour due to the constant interruptions!

After 2 weeks of A/B testing, we made it! We could find a healthy balance between job-school-family-entertainment… After all, we are 3 individuals living together 24/7 🙂


These are our best practices so far (*):

  • Define a program: structure was needed, so we established a 3 hours-program/day. Time is divided in blocks of 45 mins each (30m task + 15m pause). We combined school-tasks and skills. This is the opportunity to learn new things for you and your kids 😉
Tasks might change based on priorities
  • Respect timing: each block must be respected. For that, we have our following friends. In the meantime, she can practice to read the clock!
Clock + Time Timer
  • Take some pauses together: if possible, I take a pause with her. We play, eat a snack, short-talk… At lunch: we go out for a walk.  It’s just refreshing 🙂
  • TGIF: fridays at the end of the day and weekends are enjoyed! We make an effort to disconnect and be present at home.

I hope this helps. If you have other practices/tips, feel free to share!



Times are changing faster than we expected…

Our kids will learn to be accountable and independent earlier than other generations.

Enjoy the time with yourself and your family, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!




(*) Keep in mind: my daughter is 8y at this moment. Younger/older kids might need another approach.