I remember the earthquake of 1986 in El Salvador, I was 11y old and from one day to the next, my life was never the same!

Chaos, deaths and fear, as far as I remember. I was too young to empathized with the most affected ones and certainly (too young), to foresee the consequences in my own life.


I never came back to my school and I never played with my friends again.
We moved to another neighborhood, we lived together with another family members and a new school with 100% strangers was waiting for me in 1987.
I had to adapt… I had no choice. And even though it was difficult at the beginning, I realize how that change shaped my life afterwards.
It was never the same… And I (learned to) embrace it!


Now, in 2020: crisis, deaths and fear, but at higher level. Worldwide.
We had to adapt to stay at home, to keep distance and follow some rules. We had no choice.

Students and employees have learned to be accountable with their learning and work.
Teachers and managers have replaced control by leadership and coaching.
By the way, both accountability and leadership were supposed to be in place before, right? 😛


We will have to adapt and overcome to what is coming…

Less waste-of-time in commuting and useless meetings.
Less waste-of-money in stupid things.
Closer relationships, even in the distance.
Meaningful conversations with our kids.
More consciousness of what is essential in life and our purpose on it.


Nope, it will never be the same… I hope! 🙂