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Karina Quiñonez

Todo lo que necesitas es AMOR…

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All you need is LOVE…
Sí! Amor por tí mismo!

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My mistakes on making presentations

As consultant, I have the opportunity to speak in public regularly: workshops, trainings or presentations. All of them require different kind of preparation, based on the content, the purpose and the audience. Regardless all the above, I need PREPARATION.

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Mis errores al buscar trabajo

Si alguien me pregunta, qué ha sido lo más difícil de vivir en Bélgica? yo diría sin duda alguna (en ese órden):

  1. Aprender el idioma
  2. Buscar trabajo
  3. Adaptarme al clima

Hablemos del #2…

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Dear Programmer…

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As Functional Consultant, I have the opportunity to work with your peers everyday. I have learned a lot by discussing, (re-)explaining, and asking myself WHYYY!!??

Your contribution is key in the era of technology. You are the craftsman behind-the-scene without even know it. That’s the reason I have a couple of insights that might help you to be more effective in your daily mission:

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Where would I be without my mistakes?

I would continue thinking -and doing- the same.

I would be missing the opportunity to growth and learn.

I wouldn’t be writing this.


Thank God I made mistakes last year. And all the shit of 2017 is my fertilizer for this year!


I wish you all the best –mistakes- for 2018 😉



Experiencias 2017

Así denominé éste año desde el inicio… Y lo cumplí!

Invertí mi tiempo, energía y dinero en vivir experiencias que me dejaran algo nuevo: aprendizaje, conocimiento, una relación o simplemente un buen sabor de boca 🙂

No me puedo quejar… No me faltó NADA en éste 2017 y doy GRACIAS por ello!

Quiero compartirles aquellas experiencias que más me marcaron. Quizás a uds. también les pueda inspirar:

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My TEDx Experience

Have you been at TED? As audience I mean.

I have, some days ago. And it was one of the best experiences this year.

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“El chile así se queda!”

“Chele” en El Salvador significa “blanco”

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Embrace the Mess

Embrace the mess“. It’s an expression I heard some days ago. And after a messy-week that’s exactly what I needed.

This is the time for creativity“, he said. For me, creativity was a sacred moment with a spark of inspiration and not a survival effect.

Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean is not helping you“. Deep in my heart, I know is true. But I confess: I’m still trying to find HOW.



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