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Learning by teaching

Hey Siri!


I’m new in the Apple technology and since the arrival of some devices at home, the new revolution in the family is Siri, the virtual assistance application included in the iPhone.

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Follow The Leader


As Seth Godin says, there are two things we should teach to our children:
– To be a leader
– To solve problems

This summer, I had the opportunity to check my daughter’s “leader within”.

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Kids & Books

Camila (my daughter) is one of those kids who LOVE to read a book before to go to sleep.
Every book brings a new topic and more vocabulary. A different world is open every night and, with Camila, new questions and discussions pop up during the story: “Papa, Why is that? What do you mean? Show me the picture? Who’s that? Why in that color? Why did he say that?, etc, etc” Papa stays busy in the “Arguments Room” 🙂

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I Got a Break!


Some days ago, I expressed: I Need a Break!

Well, last week the universe conspired to help me: Camila was with a friend from the school and Walter was in charge to pick her up. I was free from 8h to 18h to do whatever I wanted!

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5 Years of Tinkerbell


Before getting pregnant, you need to find a Daycare!” One of my friends told me in 2010.

May 2011. I have 3 months of pregnancy and I start looking for a Daycare. I couldn’t find an available place before September 2012 (!!!). My friend had not been kidding.

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Yes, I Needed Professional Help!


Parenting is one of the areas where is not evident how much time and effort you need to invest. We think that if everybody does it, we too. But we don’t know how good (or bad) the others do.

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I’m a Big Girl!


She’s just 4 years-old and she has started with the “let me do it, I’m a big girl!
I might confess that I’ve been waiting for this moment: get dressed, brush her teeth, get a shower… all without my help! It’s like getting extra-time out of the blue…
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Today is Mother’s day in El Salvador and the first to come to my heart is Gratitude!

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5 Books that Have Improved my Life


January 2015, one of my new year’s resolutions was to improve my quality of life. A bit abstract I know, but at that moment I needed a change and the typical “lose weight” was not what I was looking for.

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