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3 Tips to Improve your Public Speaking

In one year, I have learned A LOT about public speaking. I became member of Toastmasters Antwerp and in the meantime, together with some friends, I started a non-profit initiative (Xten-Encuentros para crecer) to give conferences to Spanish speaking women.

I have learned from books, watching TED talks and listening to my toastmasters-fellows, but MOSTLY from being on stage.

The following tips have helped me a lot. I put them in practice and worked! Let me share them with you:

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5 Days of No Sugar… She made it!

My daughter is 5 years old and LOVES desserts. Any gift could be replaced by an ice cream or a piece of cake.

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My Three Agreements


Inspired by “Don Miguel Ruiz” and “Brené Brown” and their books The Four Agreements and The power of Vulnerability, respectively. I defined My Three Agreements: Things I have to put in practice, every day, in order to improve the relationship with my husband, my friends, but specially with myself.

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The Underrated Power of Fear


After years, I’m starting to have a better relationship with my fears.

Via Tim Ferriss, I recently learned that doing a “Fear setting” is more important than a “Goal setting”. I was not sure about the results, so I gave it a try.

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The Sweatpants Return!


One year ago, I promised myself not to try “the sweatpants” AGAIN with my daughter (I shared already the story in a Previous post), but during the Christmas holidays, having walking tours in the forest everyday, I had no other option than “the sweatpants” as possible outfit. I put them in the luggage as a “just in case” solution.

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Closing 2016 With 7 Questions

The champagne is getting cold…

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Books I Recommend You, And I Tell You Why – Part II


2016 is coming to and end and I’m making a (mental) summary of all the things I have learned this year. Failures, out-of-comfort situations and books are my Top Sources for learning.

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Kaqui & Kids


What are you willing to do for your children?…

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Dear Cacheticos…


Chiquis, this is a letter for you. I hope you can read it someday.

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