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My Toastmasters Experience


Public speaking is a skill I want to develop. I consider myself an introvert person, however, being on stage is something I enjoy.

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Simple vs Easy

I have been dancing with failure for months… And after some thinking sessions I realize what the problem is.

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Books I Recommend You, And I Tell You Why – Part I


I appreciate when my friends recommend me a good doctor, a good restaurant or a nice shop. But very rarely, I receive book recommendations and I think is because books are like wine, depending on the food and your taste there is a specific wine to combine with. A good wine is not good for everybody.
Anyway, I’d like to share with you some of the books that have made a difference in my life.

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I’m Not Smart Anymore


-Praise effort instead of intelligence
-The difference between normal people and top performers is effort
-IQ is not a factor to have success in life
… Those are some of the things I learned from Dr. Medina on his book  “Brain rules for baby”. One of my favourite books ever! and a must read for parents.

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… And I’m Still “In Progress”


To travel for work or fun is fascination… It opens my mind and makes me more flexible to others’ behaviors and opinions.

Moving abroad is work to be done… (apart from becoming a mother) nothing has challenged me more than starting my life in a new country.

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Hey Siri!


I’m new in the Apple technology and since the arrival of some devices at home, the new revolution in the family is Siri, the virtual assistance application included in the iPhone.

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Follow The Leader


As Seth Godin says, there are two things we should teach to our children:
– To be a leader
– To solve problems

This summer, I had the opportunity to check my daughter’s “leader within”.

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Kids & Books

Camila (my daughter) is one of those kids who LOVE to read a book before to go to sleep.
Every book brings a new topic and more vocabulary. A different world is open every night and, with Camila, new questions and discussions pop up during the story: “Papa, Why is that? What do you mean? Show me the picture? Who’s that? Why in that color? Why did he say that?, etc, etc” Papa stays busy in the “Arguments Room” 🙂

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Los Buenos y los Malos


I saw this cartoon long time ago… And I’ve felt as Mafalda in the last two weeks.

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