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I’m a Big Girl!


She’s just 4 years-old and she has started with the “let me do it, I’m a big girl!
I might confess that I’ve been waiting for this moment: get dressed, brush her teeth, get a shower… all without my help! It’s like getting extra-time out of the blue…
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Today is Mother’s day in El Salvador and the first to come to my heart is Gratitude!

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Where Is Your Focus?


Where do you focus your energy and attention?

  • On negative feedback?
  • On the things that did not work?
  • On the people that will not accept your work?

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He’s Not Thinking What I’m Thinking!


After more than 10 years living together, I still have to adapt to the idea that my husband doesn’t read my mind! Which means, the fact that I say something, does not imply that he understands my purpose or, even worse, what I want.

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10 Minutes Walk


Just that… 10 minutes.

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A Nice Break in France


A nice break in France
A nice break in France

After Christmas, this is my first pause in 2016. I enjoyed it a lot! New stories, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, good wine, desserts… all in one week. Let me share some of them:

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5 Books that Have Improved my Life


January 2015, one of my new year’s resolutions was to improve my quality of life. A bit abstract I know, but at that moment I needed a change and the typical “lose weight” was not what I was looking for.

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Dancing with Failure – on Looking for a Job


In the last 10 years, I have been in 3 different times in the process of looking for a job. What an exhausted process! A lot of energy and emotions in place. I failed so many times that I can’t even count them!

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The Sweatpants… No Way!

Some weeks ago, my daughter was sick and she could not go to school. I had to stay with her at home. Since she had fever, I asked her to lay in the sofa, but first, get some comfortable clothes…

She started to cry immediately and repeated more than once… no clothes! no clothes!


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