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Things that only a woman can understand!

Closing 2016 With 7 Questions

The champagne is getting cold…

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Books I Recommend You, And I Tell You Why – Part I


I appreciate when my friends recommend me a good doctor, a good restaurant or a nice shop. But very rarely, I receive book recommendations and I think is because books are like wine, depending on the food and your taste there is a specific wine to combine with. A good wine is not good for everybody.
Anyway, I’d like to share with you some of the books that have made a difference in my life.

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I’m Not Smart Anymore


-Praise effort instead of intelligence
-The difference between normal people and top performers is effort
-IQ is not a factor to have success in life
… Those are some of the things I learned from Dr. Medina on his book  “Brain rules for baby”. One of my favourite books ever! and a must read for parents.

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Señora, por favor!


Today I turn 41 years old. I’m officially a forty plus.

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I Got a Break!


Some days ago, I expressed: I Need a Break!

Well, last week the universe conspired to help me: Camila was with a friend from the school and Walter was in charge to pick her up. I was free from 8h to 18h to do whatever I wanted!

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Today is Mother’s day in El Salvador and the first to come to my heart is Gratitude!

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He’s Not Thinking What I’m Thinking!


After more than 10 years living together, I still have to adapt to the idea that my husband doesn’t read my mind! Which means, the fact that I say something, does not imply that he understands my purpose or, even worse, what I want.

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The Sweatpants… No Way!

Some weeks ago, my daughter was sick and she could not go to school. I had to stay with her at home. Since she had fever, I asked her to lay in the sofa, but first, get some comfortable clothes…

She started to cry immediately and repeated more than once… no clothes! no clothes!


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