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My mistakes on making presentations

As consultant, I have the opportunity to speak in public regularly: workshops, trainings or presentations. All of them require different kind of preparation, based on the content, the purpose and the audience. Regardless all the above, I need PREPARATION.

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Dear Programmer…

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

As Functional Consultant, I have the opportunity to work with your peers everyday. I have learned a lot by discussing, (re-)explaining, and asking myself WHYYY!!??

Your contribution is key in the era of technology. You are the craftsman behind-the-scene without even know it. That’s the reason I have a couple of insights that might help you to be more effective in your daily mission:

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Where would I be without my mistakes?

I would continue thinking -and doing- the same.

I would be missing the opportunity to growth and learn.

I wouldn’t be writing this.


Thank God I made mistakes last year. And all the shit of 2017 is my fertilizer for this year!


I wish you all the best –mistakes- for 2018 😉



My TEDx Experience

Have you been at TED? As audience I mean.

I have, some days ago. And it was one of the best experiences this year.

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Embrace the Mess

Embrace the mess“. It’s an expression I heard some days ago. And after a messy-week that’s exactly what I needed.

This is the time for creativity“, he said. For me, creativity was a sacred moment with a spark of inspiration and not a survival effect.

Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean is not helping you“. Deep in my heart, I know is true. But I confess: I’m still trying to find HOW.



3 Tips to Improve your Public Speaking

In one year, I have learned A LOT about public speaking. I became member of Toastmasters Antwerp and in the meantime, together with some friends, I started a non-profit initiative (Xten-Encuentros para crecer) to give conferences to Spanish speaking women.

I have learned from books, watching TED talks and listening to my toastmasters-fellows, but MOSTLY from being on stage.

The following tips have helped me a lot. I put them in practice and worked! Let me share them with you:

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The Power of your “Shitty First Draft”

The first time I read about the concept of the “shitty first draft”, was in the book Bird by Bird. She describes very well the objective of your first, second and third drafts.

Are you protective or perfectionist with your drafts?

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A 5-Star Service?

Some days ago, I took my car to the garage for maintenance. We had plans to leave for holidays the day after, so I arrived early. “Don’t worry,  the car will be ready at noon“, they said.

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You’re Not Alone!

I made a stupid mistake. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even ask for help.

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