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3 Tips to Improve your Public Speaking

In one year, I have learned A LOT about public speaking. I became member of Toastmasters Antwerp and in the meantime, together with some friends, I started a non-profit initiative (Xten-Encuentros para crecer) to give conferences to Spanish speaking women.

I have learned from books, watching TED talks and listening to my toastmasters-fellows, but MOSTLY from being on stage.

The following tips have helped me a lot. I put them in practice and worked! Let me share them with you:

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The Power of your “Shitty First Draft”

The first time I read about the concept of the “shitty first draft”, was in the book Bird by Bird. She describes very well the objective of your first, second and third drafts.

Are you protective or perfectionist with your drafts?

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A 5-Star Service?

Some days ago, I took my car to the garage for maintenance. We had plans to leave for holidays the day after, so I arrived early. “Don’t worry,  the car will be ready at noon“, they said.

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You’re Not Alone!

I made a stupid mistake. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even ask for help.

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I Needed That Mistake

I was there, early in the morning. Ready for Showtime.

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(What Are You Capable To Do…) Under Pressure!


Do you have the Intro of Queen’s song in your mind? Because I do!… and honestly, that’s the only part I like of being “Under Pressure” 🙂

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My 3 Tips To Improve Your Performance @Work

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

I’m not an Entrepreneur, but I believe in creativity, give value and make a difference, even when you are working for someone else.

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The Underrated Power of Fear


After years, I’m starting to have a better relationship with my fears.

Via Tim Ferriss, I recently learned that doing a “Fear setting” is more important than a “Goal setting”. I was not sure about the results, so I gave it a try.

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Creativity @Work

I’m of the idea to take initiative and give value at work, but working in a creative culture that supports you is also important.

Take a look to these ideas and assess the company you work for:

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