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Closing 2016 With 7 Questions

The champagne is getting cold…

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Books I Recommend You, And I Tell You Why – Part II


2016 is coming to and end and I’m making a (mental) summary of all the things I have learned this year. Failures, out-of-comfort situations and books are my Top Sources for learning.

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“Who is Right” vs “What is Right”


Everybody has a tendency to focus on “Who is right” in times of conflict.

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My Toastmasters Experience


Public speaking is a skill I want to develop. I consider myself an introvert person, however, being on stage is something I enjoy.

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Simple vs Easy

I have been dancing with failure for months… And after some thinking sessions I realize what the problem is.

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Books I Recommend You, And I Tell You Why – Part I


I appreciate when my friends recommend me a good doctor, a good restaurant or a nice shop. But very rarely, I receive book recommendations and I think is because books are like wine, depending on the food and your taste there is a specific wine to combine with. A good wine is not good for everybody.
Anyway, I’d like to share with you some of the books that have made a difference in my life.

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On Building Credibility

Here’s a simple checklist:

1- Do your job

2- Do it good

3- Do it on time


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Gratitude @Work

Gratitude is one of the values a feel it has been forgotten along the new generations.

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A Professional Checklist

Think for a moment…

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