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Dancing with Failure @Work


Feeling like quitting is very easy, and I think is because the opportunity to embrace our failures is underrated.

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Being an Artist One-Hour-A-Day


All genius people are not that genius the 24 hours a day. They do normal/ordinary things as we do, most of the time. But the difference is THAT moment of the day when they make important decisions, close an important deal, write a new page of their novel or paint a new detail in their canvas… THAT, is their moment to be An Artist.

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The Art of Troubleshooting


The challenge is clear: there is a problem that needs to be solved.

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Can I Have Your Attention Please?

Rule #4 ATTENTION: we don’t pay attention to boring things”, Dr. Medina on his book Brain Rules.

This week, I had the challenge of giving a training, twice, to the same group.
What could I expect? Empty bodies looking at my power point, and brains floating in another dimension?

Homer and Donut

No way! I prepared myself…

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Where Is Your Focus?


Where do you focus your energy and attention?

  • On negative feedback?
  • On the things that did not work?
  • On the people that will not accept your work?

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10 Minutes Walk


Just that… 10 minutes.

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Why we don’t Write Documentation?


I work in the IT sector, and to deliver documentation is one of the requirements on every project phase. This is not the case if you work in support (solving problems for customers).

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5 Books that Have Improved my Life


January 2015, one of my new year’s resolutions was to improve my quality of life. A bit abstract I know, but at that moment I needed a change and the typical “lose weight” was not what I was looking for.

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Think Before Send!


Along the years, I have made so many mistakes when sending emails that I cannot mention all the reasons. However, here are some of them:

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